Is the cutlery that Beardy uses when he performs real? If so, why does he need to bring his own?

The short answer? Yes. The long answer? Yeeeeeeeeeees!

It is true that there is such thing in existence as a shape-memory alloy (or “memory metal”) that bends through heat, but this is not what Beardy uses. Firstly, it isn’t all that easy to get hold of and, secondly, he prefers to give out the cutlery at the end as a souvenir (and that would get expensive and boring should he give out fake cutlery!). The reason that Beardy provides his own cutlery is because he has bent, twisted and otherwise broken upwards of 100 forks in a single night, and most venues wouldn’t let him back in if he did it with theirs!


Can we supply our own spoons for Beardy to bend?

Of course! Bring your biggest, baddest, strongest steel (or even silver) spoon for Beardy and he will give it a good go. Note that he isn’t to be blamed if he ruins a family heirloom though!


Where does Beardy live? Will he travel to my Wedding/Birthday/Event in the middle of nowhere?

Beardy currently lives in Manchester but he travels and performs around both the UK and the World. With the right notice he should be able to perform at your event no matter where it is, and if he is unavailable on that specific date he can certainly point you in the right direction of another performer who he can recommend in his place


How much does Beardy cost to hire?

Prices are variable depending on location, environment, duration and exactly what you want Beardy to do. Beardy can tailor his package to suit most budgets, so if you like what you see get in contact and he can provide a more accurate quote for your event


Did Uri Geller really say that about Beardy?

Yes he did! Sometimes chance meetings occur, and having the opportunity to perform for Uri Geller is something that Beardy will never forget. The advice that he received that day helped change and shape his performance for many years to come, and hopefully it is something that you will personally benefit from at your next event


What is Beardy’s real name, and why is he known as Beardy?

Beardy’s full name is Chris Beard, but Beardy is what he has always been known as. There are many people named Chris in the world…..but there is only one Beardy!!!