See what others are saying about Beardy below:

An amazing Mind Manipulator

– Uri Geller

I look forward to shaking your hand before you die

– Derren Brown

That was mightily impressive – I have absolutely no clue how you did that

– Tim Minchin

A very funny, very natural performer

– Anthony Owen, Objective Productions (Channel 4)

An incredible magician. Entertaining, funny, and my clients love him

– Noah Redfern, Noah’s Yard (Wine Bar)

A performer like no other. Not only was his magic fantastic (and stuff which I had never seen before – not even on TV), but the way that he interacted with our guests allowed my Wife and I to sit back and enjoy our day, knowing that we had hired a professional

– Ben Hollands, Groom

Our guests were enthralled and bewildered by the incredible illusions he performed

– Claire Gould, Bride